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Leandro Soto



Leandro SoTo

Artist, performer, spiritual Teacher

(1968 – 2022)

A description about who Leandro was and the spirit of his work. It will provide people who come to the site a quick introduction and appreciation of who he was and his artwork. It will be a tribute to the life and work of Leandro.

journey through leandro's
life and work

Take a journey through Leandro's creative gifts to the world and his unique ethnographic approach.


Description of ethnographic artwork. Lorum ipsum dolar klack sroap.


"Ethnographic aesthetics can be understood… as a particular method of research… that leads beyond the representational framework of a museum into a social setting… Events that facilitate social interaction and cultural encounter are seen as the actual art practice."

Fiona Siegenthaler. Ph.D.

Towards an Ethnographic Turn in Contemporary Art Scholarship

Critical Arts: South-North Cultural and Media Studies. (2013)

"The Ethnographic approach has played an important role in the shaping of Leandro Soto’s career. He is counted amongst those contemporary artists that use ethnography as a significant element in their art practice. His work requires traveling, fieldwork collaboration and community engagement."​


Grisel Pujala. Ph.D.

Caribbean Arts Curator

"An Inspiring quote said by leandro or that honors his life and work"

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